Best Friend Agreement

Friend #2 is free to discuss the terms of this contract with anyone. Friend #2, however, it is forbidden to introduce Friend #1 as “The Person of the Contract” or “My friend who is quite strange to be friends”. Just download and print the legally binding friendship contract below and badger a friend, loved one or nearby animal to sign it. Then you tan in the satisfaction of knowing that, unless they take care of severe punishments, the people closest to you will be forced to take care of you forever. I/We affirm and declare, under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, the United States and the State, that it was concluded voluntarily and without threat, promise, coercion and/or coercion of any kind. 13) I promise to always be honest with my best friend (unless it`s a surprise party). . #1 #3 #2 #2 #1 . 1) I don`t promise to fall in love with your best friend 15) I promise to know my best friend, first of all know everything 1.2.1 When Friend #1 starts playing guitar, friend #2 is bound with frequent statements of support like: “Now we are grooving!” “You`re the one doing this, buddy!” and “You sound even better than Blues Traveler!” Friendships must be based on mutual interest and loyalty. If Friend #2 is a jolt, you`d better believe that the friend #1 will raise him and throw him directly into his friend`s #2. This agreement is enforced by state laws – The friend`s favorite introduction #1 is: “You wanted the best, you got the best! Ladies and gentlemen, friend #1 #2 #1 #1 #2! If it turns out that the friend #2 violated any part of this contract, it doesn`t matter – friend #2 can simply go on and destroy the life of the friend #1 as if his friendship meant nothing at all.