Us Cuba Agreement

Engage Cuba, The Economic Impact of Tightening U.S. Regulations on Cuba, 2017,, page accessed August 29, 2017. Drucker, Jesse and Stephen Wicary: “Did Donald Trump`s leaders violate the Cuban embargo?” Bloomberg, July 28, 2016,, page viewed August 29, 2017. KVUE, “Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Winds Down Trip in Cuba,” ABC, December 2, 2015,, page viewed July 19, 2017. However, with Donald Trump`s entry into the protests in January 2017, all bilateral relations have stalled as the hard line of the Cuban community in exile has once again become a major player in U.S. policy. However, the Republican Party remains divided on what should be or kept suppressed in the changes made by Obama because several groups of interests that have won everything while the normalization of relations are staunchly defending the continuation of the normalization process. The author analyzes the various U.S. sectors that support an easing of the embargo and how the measures taken by the Obama administration have benefited them. It also analyzes the re-election of the American Congress and the prospects for rapprochement in the coming years. Leogrande, William M., “Trump`s Hard Line on Cuba Is a Bluff, and Havana Knows It,” World Political Review, June 20, 2017,, page viewed July 15, 2017. On December 17, 2014, U.S.

President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro announced the start of the process of normalizing relations between Cuba and the United States. The standardization agreement has been negotiated in secret in recent months, supported by Pope Francis and, for the most part, by the Canadian government. The meetings took place in Canada and in Vatican City. [6] The agreement provided for the lifting of certain restrictions on U.S. travel, the reduction of restrictions on remittances, the access of U.S. banks to the Cuban financial system[7] and the reopening of the U.S. Embassy in Havana and the Cuban Embassy in Washington, which were concluded in 1961 after the breakdown of diplomatic relations following Cuba`s close alliance with the USSR. [9] Leogrande, William M. and Richard S. Newfarmer, “The real economic impact of Trump`s sanctions on Cuba travel,” The Brookings Institution, June 21, 2017,, page accessed July 14, 2017. Toosi, Nahal, “GOP Falling for Cuba`s Allure,” December 17, 2015, POLITICO,, page viewed July 19, 2017. Piccone, Theodore, Christopher Sabatini and Carlos Saldrigas, “Bridging`s Cuba communicationd: How U.S.